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About us

Building Enclosure Consulting, LLC is a consulting and diagnostic company in the building sector, encompassing phases of design, constructions and maintenance. We diagnose ailing facades and we help architects design them not only stylish but also functional. We are independent from manufacturers and suppliers. We serve only one master: You.

In our role as a facade doctor, a good example is the typical rainwater intrusion investigation. We climb and crawl around your building with a magnifying glass and binoculars, and we run a gamut of diagnostic tests in order to identify the phenomena responsible for the unpleasant symptoms, such as a rain leak. When we are done; we can apply a band aid to temporarily suppress the symptomps, and write a prescription for the permanent treatment. We can also often tell you with a reasonable degree of scientific certainty, the underlying causes of the trouble, so you can bring it up with the wrongdoers.

We cover many facets of facade performance, such as wind and impact resistance, and controlling air, moisture, heat, light, sound, impact, cost, wildlife, fire, smoke, aging, and access.
We have seen hundreds of buildings similar to yours. We specialize in a challenging high-rise construction and unusual cladding, such as double skin facades, cable walls, and hurricane-proof roofs. Our strong field is architectural glazing such as curtain walls and skylights.. If your raise your head, you may sometimes see us hanging on a wrong side of a wall of a skycraper in your neighborhood. How can you tell us from window washers? We don't carry a bucket of water, we spray water from a garden hose instead.

Frank Lloyd Wright once said "if the roof doesn't leak, the architect has not been creative enough."
We bring an organized, holistic, and an unbiased approach to the building enclosure design and construction. In our role as architectural consultants, our goal is not to curb your architect's creativity, bu to marry the performance objectives set by you (the owner) with the aesthetics desired by your architects. How do we do it? In similar way we approach existing buildings. We build a virtual model of your building and run computer simulations testing its performance, and we compare available design options, giving your architects the information they need to make educated choice. We bridge the traditional gaps among the mechanical, structural, and architectural disciplines, and between the design and construction. Then, we review facade construction in the field, again testing, and comparing what we see in the field with the measuring stick of the your performance objectives. The goal is to have a new building which should not need to see a facade doctor in its designed service life.

We offer our remote services, such as virtual testing and consulting worldwide. with the exception of building code compliance reviews which are necessarily limited to familiar jurisdictions. Our physical testing services are geographically limited to the Caribbean region, because the testing equipment is bulky and heavy.

The reasons to choose us for your next project

We hope that some of the points listed in this document will prove helpful in your consideration.

Download our scope of services: design, simulations and tests, construction, forensic, and education

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